Brazilian bingo – the main varieties of the popular game

Brazilian Bingo is an exciting and exciting game that has captured the hearts of millions of people around the world. In this article we will look at the main varieties of Brazilian bingo that make this game a real hit in the world of gambling entertainment. Brazilian bingo is a game that has ancient roots and has evolved from various gambling traditions. It has become popular due to its simplicity and exciting atmosphere.

The history of Brazilian bingo is rooted in […]

Perfect customer management

It has no structure, and therefore is invisible, but it has the strongest energy-informational potential, which it seems to throw into a person, as if through a syringe. If an electron passes through a person calmly, so calmly that a person, as a rule, does not even notice it, then the idea, if it has already hit a person, causes an energy-informational storm in him.

How does customer management work through an idea? It’s very simple. First the idea is generated. […]

A new way to manage clients

The situation faced by the modern economy, and with it modern business and marketing, is quite interesting. It is interesting because it happened for the first time in the history of mankind. There was nothing like this before, because before there was always a shortage of goods, a shortage of resources and everything sold well. Now he is gone, there are so many goods that the eyes run away, there are also enough resources and they are quite cheap, so […]

Proper optimization of small business


It is very important to have a business idea highlighted and properly designed on paper or electronically. Optimization of small business begins with this, because in this case the idea becomes clear, and the businessman clearly understands what he is dealing with. Also in this case, he can build a clear business algorithm, or rather an algorithm for the development of an idea, which will lead to the fact that the business will really work and turn the businessman’s energy […]

How to optimize a small business correctly

Small businesses are opened by 2 categories of people. One of them is people who realized a large amount of excessive energy in themselves, but in order to minimize risks or in connection with a small start—up capital decided to start small with the prospect of business growth to medium or large. The second category is people who have realized that they have a small surplus of energy and they simply cannot pull a medium or large business on the […]

How is the improvement of work with clients carried out

Many have already felt money problems and are actually working literally in order to pay rent, get dressed and eat. It’s sad, but there is a way out. In order to leave yourself a chance to return to your previous lifestyle, you need to improve your work with clients. The work is not stressful, and most importantly it can be done independently, which means for free. It includes 5 steps:

— sell more to existing customers

— better understand your customers

— attract […]

The B2B/enterprise sector still makes up the majority of the recruitment (39%)

Fintech is the second most popular direction. Development tools are in the third place: compared to last year, their share has almost doubled and amounts to 13% of the set.

Among the founders of enterprise startups were former co-founder and CEO Tracy Yang, whose trading company TigerEye is still not so public, but has already raised $30 million during Round A.

The no-code direction continues to gain momentum. So, Tersno creates a BI tool for spreadsheets, and Popsy changes the process of […]

Every startup needs a slogan in cryptocurrency

On Demo Day, the name of an existing company was most often combined with a new international market or sector, for example: “Impossible Foods for seafood”. Or another one for cat food (primarily treats)

There was an “Indian Flexport”. “Latin American “. “WealthFront for Saudi Arabia and the Middle East”. “Square for micro-merchants in Latin America”. As for the sectors, the event featured “Ramp for Marketing”, “Plaid for DeFi”, “One Medical for Animals” and “Grammarly for Data”.

Although YC companies can […]

Seven Investors Have Joined the Accusations Against Musk about Creating a crypto pyramid with Dogecoin


The lawsuit against Elon Musk in the United States in the case of the creation of a cryptopyramide with Dogecoin has gathered new participants, Reuters reports.

Now he has been joined by seven new investors who have added six new defendants, including Elon Musk’s Boring Co., a company engaged in the construction of transport tunnels.

In June, American Keith Johnson filed a lawsuit against Musk and his companies SpaceX and Tesla. He accused them of creating a “cryptopyramide” — a kind of […]

Who invests in Web3 — the world’s largest investors and leading countries in Web3 projects

What is Web3

Web3 is the stage of Internet development, which should follow Web 1.0 (the emergence and beginning of the development of the Internet) and Web 2.0 (the current stage).

The term Web3 was formulated in 2007 by Jason Kalakanis, head of . The entrepreneur believed that in the “Internet of the future” the user will see a new level of high-quality content that will be created by professionals.

Stages of Internet development Stages of Internet development

The key idea of Web3 […]