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We're really sorry but we have had to stop supporting Peggy. But don't panic, you can still deploy your Applications. Please click to find out how.

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DevOps without the hassle.

Let Peggy do the heavy lifting. With one click you can provision a server ready for you to deploy any project from Git. Plus it’s free.

Build your server

Easily build a Ubuntu server on DigitalOcean, or add your own, which comes with PHP, MySQL and your choice of Apache or Nignx.

Add your Apps

Each server can have as many apps as you need. Whether it be a production site or development, we have your back.

Configure your Deployment

Adding a deploy.json to your project allows you to set pre-deployment command and folder permissions.

Any Git Remote

Deploy from GitHub, Bitbucket, Beanstalk, GitLab, and more. No matter your Git platform, Peggy can use it.

Independent Servers

Spin up as many individual Digital Ocean boxes as you like—no limits.

Team Management

Invitation-only, group-wide access to your team's managed accounts.


Breaking change in your latest deployment? The one-click rollback will save your bacon.

Pre-Deployment Commands

Add a deploy.json file in your project root to have any command you specify automatically executed when the server is built.

Simple CRON Job Setup

Our straight forward interface makes managing your CRON jobs a breeze.

Easy Environment Configuration

.ENV files manageable on a per-installation basis — no more worrying about environment detection.

Simplified Domain and SSL Management

Single-step processes for adding domains, or an SSL Certificate to existing domains.

More to come...

We're currently in alpha, so expect more features and functionality to be rolled out regularly.

Have any features or requests you’d like to see? Tweet us!
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Configuring Your Deployment

The deploy.json file is where the magic happens. Any commands you'd normally have to perform over SSH post-deploy can be specified in this file, and they'll be automatically run once the deployment has completed.

Need to run composer install, php artisan serve, or chmod? Deploy.json has you covered; simply add the file containing your commands into your project root, and away you go.

      "commands": [
        "composer install"
      "storage": {
        "public/content/uploads": 775,
        "public/content/plugins": 775
      "permissions": {
        "public/.htaccess": 644