How is the improvement of work with clients carried out

Many have already felt money problems and are actually working literally in order to pay rent, get dressed and eat. It’s sad, but there is a way out. In order to leave yourself a chance to return to your previous lifestyle, you need to improve your work with clients. The work is not stressful, and most importantly it can be done independently, which means for free. It includes 5 steps:

— sell more to existing customers

— better understand your customers

— attract […]

The B2B/enterprise sector still makes up the majority of the recruitment (39%)

Fintech is the second most popular direction. Development tools are in the third place: compared to last year, their share has almost doubled and amounts to 13% of the set.

Among the founders of enterprise startups were former co-founder and CEO Tracy Yang, whose trading company TigerEye is still not so public, but has already raised $30 million during Round A.

The no-code direction continues to gain momentum. So, Tersno creates a BI tool for spreadsheets, and Popsy changes the process of […]

Leading countries in the field of Web3

“Crypto- and Web3-funds do not have any obvious national feature on the source of money. However, if we take statistically the top 10 large funds, then eight of them will be from the USA and two from Asia,” Ilya Maksimenko, CEO of Plasma.Finance, quotes statistics.

Matvey Voitov calls the UAE (in particular, Dubai) the leader in the number of projects in the field of crypto and blockchain in addition to the United States — as a state actively trying to lead […]