Fintech is the second most popular direction. Development tools are in the third place: compared to last year, their share has almost doubled and amounts to 13% of the set.

Among the founders of enterprise startups were former co-founder and CEO Tracy Yang, whose trading company TigerEye is still not so public, but has already raised $30 million during Round A.

The no-code direction continues to gain momentum. So, Tersno creates a BI tool for spreadsheets, and Popsy changes the process of creating websites so that it resembles working with Notion. The sector is still waiting for a breakthrough. And, perhaps, one of these companies will make it.

The economy of creators is no longer relevant

Now consumer startups earn money.

Despite the hype around the creators’ economy, there was no particular interest in creating products for influencers. The closest to this topic were Jamble, an app for buying used things live, and Tangia, which allows fans to pay to add a monster or other obstacle to a gamer’s live broadcast.

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For rare consumer-oriented companies (now only 9% of YC companies), the main task of the presentation was to mention whether they are profitable and whether they have a plan to achieve this goal. This also applies to Krave Mart, which hopes to become an Instacart for Pakistan and even a new dating app Delight.