Many have already felt money problems and are actually working literally in order to pay rent, get dressed and eat. It’s sad, but there is a way out. In order to leave yourself a chance to return to your previous lifestyle, you need to improve your work with clients. The work is not stressful, and most importantly it can be done independently, which means for free. It includes 5 steps:

— sell more to existing customers

— better understand your customers

— attract new customers

— retain old customers

— get a customer retention guarantee

All this is, so to speak, a living wage for working with clients in the current conditions. This should be done by everyone to keep up to match. This must be done. Everyone will do it. Whoever does not do it will fall behind, because customers will leave him. They will leave for the simple reason that no one will want to communicate with the straggler.


Whoever does it will get stragglers’ clients. Whoever does it first will win the most. At the same time, the field for activity that arises in such conditions is very narrow. This is due to the fact that the number of customers is very limited. Accordingly, you can earn money only if you expand your work with old clients. Do you want to sell them more? Here is a recommendation on how to sell more.

How to improve customer service

Understanding the client is the key to success in modern conditions. The one who understands the client better can reveal all his needs and satisfy them. This means that spending your time to begin to understand the client better is one of the directions of action. What needs to be done in order to better understand your customers and thereby sell more?

To do this, you need to have a model of buyer behavior. It allows you to predict the reaction of the buyer to your actions and thereby achieve an increase in sales. There are different models of buyer behavior, so the main thing here is not to make a mistake. I use a very effective and high-quality model of buyer behavior that really sells, which I want to share with you.

The client is characterized by impermanence. In this regard, he always tries to get away from you, because it seems to him that somewhere could be better. When the market is growing and the situation is good, there are a lot of customers, which means you don’t have to worry about it, because one will leave, another client will come in his place, or even two clients. But when the market falls, the number of customers decreases, which means that if one leaves, then another may not come in his place.


In such a situation, it is necessary to change tactics and start retaining the client. Everyone does it in their own way. Everyone has their own secrets. However, over time, the secret ceases to be a secret, because others find out about it, which means we need to look for or invent new secrets. Here is “food” for you to think about how to effectively retain a client. Do you want the client to stay yours for a very long time? Here are recommendations on how to retain a client with a guarantee that will harmoniously complement your experience and your opinion on this matter.


In order for the business to constantly grow, it is necessary to attract customers, even if the conditions are not the best for this. Generally speaking, there is an opinion that the crisis is actually the best time to attract customers. Many people simply lose their nerves in a crisis, so they give up their clients without a fight. Accordingly, without a struggle, they can be attracted to themselves.


Everyone attracts new customers in their own way, because everyone has their own methods and tricks. But this is exactly the case when the more you know, the better you sleep. There is never much information about how to attract new customers. The more you know such information, the more new moves you can come up with. I can also offer something on this score. My secret of attracting customers is revealed in the material how to attract new customers.


Anyone who takes into account the recommendations offered and reads articles about business will keep up with the times and match the times for a very long time. The rest are likely to lag behind and cease to meet the requirements of the market and customers. Falling behind is the worst thing that can happen in business. To fall behind means to lose, to lose forever and irrevocably.


In turn, the proposed recommendations will contribute to the expansion of the business area, they will allow the expansion of business into new spaces and capture them, even taking into account the fact that now are not the best conditions for business development. If the proposed recommendations do not correspond to your ambitions, if you want more, write to me, I will conduct a business consultation and help you come up with something that will allow you to improve your work with clients and realize your ambitions.