Small businesses are opened by 2 categories of people. One of them is people who realized a large amount of excessive energy in themselves, but in order to minimize risks or in connection with a small start—up capital decided to start small with the prospect of business growth to medium or large. The second category is people who have realized that they have a small surplus of energy and they simply cannot pull a medium or large business on the basis of this volume of excess energy.

Proper optimization of small business

In any case, a business, including a small one, always opens up in order to turn the excess of its personal energy into money, because business itself is a machine for converting human energy into money. Small business starts, as a rule, spontaneously, because there is not enough knowledge and experience. A business opened spontaneously is very often not optimal. In this regard, you have to spend a lot of time, money, energy and other resources on it.

To correct this situation, it is necessary to work with the business program and optimize small businesses, which will reduce these costs and, accordingly, increase the amount of benefits received. However, the problem is that the businessman’s energy has been generated, and continues to be generated, and it must be implemented so that there is no stagnation. For this reason, a businessman simply does not have enough time to develop a plan to optimize his business.

What kind of idea is this?

As it was said in the article “prospects of small business” for this type of business in the economy there are 2 main niches: the start of new directions or assistance to medium and large businesses and this should be taken into account when optimizing small businesses. How is small business optimization carried out? There are a lot of optimization methods in principle. But it is best to use the so-called ideal optimization method, because it is the most effective and most accurate, which means it allows you to achieve 100% optimization.

The essence of this method is that the beginning of a small business considers the idea of this business, not people, not machines, not equipment, not a form of organization, but an idea. Machines, personnel, equipment, the way of organization is a form for the realization of this idea. The business process in this scenario is considered as the process of developing this idea. What kind of idea is this? If a new direction is launched through a small business, then this is the personal idea of the one who started this business and put it in its foundation.

If we are talking about helping medium-sized or large businesses, then we mean an idea that is developed by a large or medium-sized business, respectively. For this reason, the first stage of optimization is to highlight the idea that a small business is working with, which it is developing. Very often the idea is not highlighted, and as a result, the businessman acts on the basis of intuition. This is the reason that the output turns out to be a suboptimal business.